Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Ah work...

Work is boring. Let's leave it at that for now...

I was listening to sports radio on my way back to work this afternoon and it's just...well...it's just not any good. This was the "premier" sports radio station in the area and I don't think I heard but 10 minutes of actual sports talk the entire time. I was driving for about 45 minutes and at least 30 minutes were actual ads, the broadcasters reading ads, or the broadcasters discussing how good the ads were. 5 minutes were useless (and horrible sounding) music. The other 10 were taken up by a "thrilling" discussion of the girly-men on the Cowboys.

I'll stick with WBAP Talk Radio or NPR. Thanks.

Well, I'll stick with those until I get satellite radio at least. XM is now carrying every single baseball game so you might as well just sign me up now.

It's interesting, I never thought I'd listen to the radio but now that I have a 30 minute commute to work CD's just don't cut it anymore.

Though Flogging Molly still rules all.

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