Friday, November 05, 2004 - Dems search for new approach - Nov 5, 2004 - Dems search for new approach - Nov 5, 2004

I have to admit it's nice to see some senior Democratics recognizing that they have a significant problem. Too often, the choose to think they did the right thing and that Bush voters simply had the wool pulled over their eyes.
It is very heartening to see how the liberal groups are taking this more as a major challenge than as a defeat. Yes, we screwed up, underestimated the "values issues" and overestimated the economic ones. But we all recognize that we have values, too, and I think the Democratic party is going to revamp and frame its position in these terms. Here are OUR values which are the real values of a plurastic democracy.
Exactly. All you have to do is look at the new Time article on Kerry's campaign to see what kind of values he has. Here's a man who stood up, in the face of enormous pressure from his own advisors, and said he would never back any amendments banning gay marraige (state or federal).

It was one of the campaigns biggest failures that they weren't able to counter the Bush attacks and portray Kerry as the man of principle he is.
They have significant problems, like how they can't properly demonize a strong-willed and core-valued man. Another problem is that America is just smart enough to see through the fact-twisting and disingenuous likes of Mike Moore. A third problem is that you commie, limp-wristed eunuchs haven't figured out that you have no grasp about the founding fathers' vision of America. Socialism hasn't worked anywhere else, and it won't work here.
Funny how I just mentioned something about the right being just as good at hate-filled rhetoric...

BTW, the founding fathers vision had nothing to do with the brand of conservatism that the Republican party promotes nowadays. Look up the word "federalism" and compare it too modern day Republican policies.

Anyway, despite the insult (and it seems like you're projecting rather then addressing anything we've posted) and your viewpoint, thanks for posting :).
The Dems did the right thing and the voters had the wool pulled over their eyes. Q: If standing for the right thing makes you a loser, who wants to win? A: Bush.
I'll clarify what I meant by "did the right thing". I agree, obviously, with what the Democrats stand for. I think Kerry is a very principled man and that he believes what I believe. However, they did not "do the right thing" when it came to running their campaign. They chose to focus on the wrong issues and at the wrong level. They should have brought the major issues, such as international cooperation, health care, fiscal responsibility, etc... down to a more personal level rather then keeping it abstract.
Why do you think that is? What is it that the public understands as a "man of principle"? Is it only if that man's principles agree with mine?
I think one of the main problems with people is instead of sitting down and working on the core problems that effect us all democrates, repulicans what ever, we spend our time trying to convince the other side its opinion is wrong by calling names cause if it did we would have no problems. So if you dont have something intelligent to bring to the table go eat in the closet.
Well, it seems like a majority of voters define a "man of principle" as a man who...well, here's a quote from :

"The morals I cared about? A president who meant what he said. A man who is faithful to his wife. A man who doesn't pander to Hollywood. A man who is not ashamed to say he prays and give credit to a higher power, who helps him. A man who doesn't try to please all the people all the time. A man who shares my deeply held belief about freedom and what a GREAT country America is, and someone who knew Saddam Hussein has murdered 400,000 innocent men, women and children."

That was sent to Mr. Sullivan in an e-mail, it wasn't written by him if anyone was confused ;).

I think that is very representative of what the (slim) majority of Americans feel is a "Man of Principle". Kerry has a lot of those values, I just don't think he did as good a job stressing them as Bush did. It's understandable though, I don't anyone expected morals to play as big a role in the election as it did.
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