Friday, November 05, 2004

This is your sister, by the way

Just a word or two about the impending death of American intellectual life...

We tried to impeach a brilliant Rhodes scholar and gave a C-average college drop-out a second term. The MAP (Moral Authority Party) has deemed that we shall regress from the innovation, creativity, learning, and progress of the 1990s to the passive consumption and reactionism of the Cold War era. We will no longer contribute anything to the world but moral reprobation and a steady market for cheap beef. We will continue to fall behind in education. We will watch as other countries reap the international glories and fiduciary rewards of stem-cell research, cloning, robotics, nanotechnology, and genetics. We will watch our standing in the world drop from Pillar of the International Community to Embarassment of the Western Hemisphere. Cuba will continue to have a higher literacy rate, lower infant mortality rate, and more comprehensive national healthcare system than we have or ever will have. We will send our own Lost Generation of leaders, artists, educators to chase windmills and die in the Middle East. We will watch as public libraries, public museums, public lands become distant memories or private corporate theme parks. Oh dear, I could go on but I'm getting too depressed.

I've got two words for you, America: buyer's remorse.

hey this has nothing to do with my sister
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BTW, I agree entirely TM. The term "intellectual elite" is too often used in a deragatory sense. I doubt it will change anytime soon though. The "My kid can beat up your honor student" crowd is too prevelant.
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