Sunday, December 12, 2004

Sosa Trade Rumors

Chicago Sun-Times - Mr. Sosa goes to Washington?

Sosa going to the new Washington Nationals seems to be the hot new rumor. Looking through their roster I noticed a couple trade possibilities, the most likely of which is Jose Guillen.

Guillen plays RF, the same position as Sosa, so he would seem to be extraneous should a trade go through. He's a good hitter, posting a .294/.352/.497 line last year. He has had some personal issues but Dusty seems to have a way of calming these types of players down.

Other then Guillen, there doesn't appear to be much in the way of OF on the Nationals. So, unless there are going to be a bunch of prospects sent to the Cubs (unlikely due to the money situation) Guillen seems to be about it.

My opinion of this trade would be a fairly positive one. While I'm wary of Guillen due to his past, he's younger then Sosa, plays better defense, and draws more walks. Washington would get the big name star they want, even though he's the inferior player.
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