Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Winter Meetings come to a close.

The Winter Meetings have come to an end and surprisingly the Cubs leave without making any major deals. They got off to a quick start, re-signing Nomar, Todd Walker, and signing Blanco. Since then, nothing. There have been quite a few rumors, many involving our erstwhile slugger Sammy Sosa. There was talk about acquiring Danny Kolb, but that came to an end when he was dealt to Atlanta.

So, where are the Cubs now. They filled one hole in their lineup by getting the infield set. In addition, if Dusty is smart he'll use Todd Walker to fix the problem at the leadoff spot.

Other then those patches however, the Cubs still have the same problems they did prior to the meetings. They still need to get another high OBP guy, they still need an OF, they still need a closer, and hopefully they'll be able to deal Sosa.

All in all, it was a fairly disappointing weekend. We can only hope Hendry has a couple big moves in mind before Jan. 8th.
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