Monday, January 31, 2005

He Gawn!

Well, we finally have some real Cubs news to talk about.

Sammy Sosa will most likely be traded to the Baltimore Orioles for Jerry Hairston and a couple of "eh" prospects.

I have to say I'm pretty happy with the deal, though the reaction in Cub Nation has been a bit mixed.

I think the cut and dry of it is, is that Sosa had to be traded. Period. We all heard about the reactions from last weekend's Cubs Convention. If Sosa had run out to RF on opening and been greeted by a chorus of boos, you might as well have just tossed out his season then.

As it is, this move is good for Sosa, it's alright for Baltimore, and it could be good for the Cubs.

I say "could" because how this works out for us depends on what Hendry's next move is (and we all know he has one up his sleeve). Right now there are a couple possibilties...

1) Cubs trade for Aubrey Huff in Tampa Bay. This is the ideal solution. If we can turn some of our prospects into a young OF with good patience (yay for walks) and good power, then the Sosa trade is a great move.

2) Cubs sign Jeromy Burnitz. This would be the worst-case scenario. Burnitz is just a slightly younger version of Sosa, who isn't as good. He showed good power last year but that was in Coors where I could post good numbers. If this is the next move then the Cubs will be worse off then they would have been with Sosa.

So, all we can do right now is sit back, wait for the Sosa trade to go through and hope Hendry makes the right decision. Should make for an interesting week at the very least.
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