Monday, April 04, 2005

Opening Day! (and my predictions)

The Real Opening Day is here folks!

After months of speculation, worrying, and discussing all sorts of not-likely-to-happen scenario's we can finally get down to some real games.

The Cubs open their season at Arizona this afternoon with Carlos Zambrano going against Javier Vasquez. It's only fitting that Carlos is able to start opening day. He was the rock of the pitching staff last year and it's an honor he deserves. Unfortunately, I'll be stuck at work until 6:00pm tonight so I'll miss watching the game live. Thanks to the wonders of Tivo though, I'll still be able to catch. I'll just have to stop looking at sports websites so that I don't see the score ;).

One kink in that plan though. The Fighting Illini will be playing in their first ever national championship game tonight. So, what the heck should I watch? Cubs Opening Day or Illinois Championship.

While this is the kind of "tough" decision I like to have, it's a bit of a pain in the ass. If only I wasn't stuck here at work this wouldn't be a problem. Damn work getting in the way of really important stuff like baseball!

Alrighty, time for a few predictions...

AL East:

New York (Wild Card)
Tampa Bay

AL Central:

Chicago White Sox
Kansas City

AL West:


Analysis and Quick Notes (Larry King style): I think Toronto will be a lot better then people think. They'll have some payroll flexibility midseason and should turn in a decent performance. I'd like to give the WC to Cleveland, but even my hatred of the Yankees doesn't obscure the fact that they'll get it in a walk. Oakland will be much worse then people are hoping. Billy Beane doesn't do re-building projects? He needs to. Small ball in U.S. Cellular is a spectacularly bad idea.

NL East:

New York

NL Central:

Chicago Cubs
St. Louis (WC)

NL West:

San Diego
Los Angeles
San Francisco

Analyis and Quick Notes: I'm a homer, Cubs win the division when St. Louis gets hit by the injury bug. St. Louis will still make the playoffs, even though it hurts me to say it. Atlanta's outfield will be their downfall. LA will miss Beltre a lot more then he'll miss them. Houston will be just plain bad 3 out of every 5 games. The Mets will figure out they wasted a lot of money before the all-star break.

So, there ya go. Here's hoping I'm not too far off. Even if I end up being as wrong as I could be, it's nice to have baseball back.

Play Ball!

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